A Guide to Dream Interpretation
Waking Dream 

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                                   What is the (a) Waking Dream?


 Some say it is a minor or major crisis in the course of the day that is projected  from the unconscious. I suggest that until one is fully awake, life is all a  dream!  


Don't wait for a crisis

I don't think you have to wait for a crisis to present itself in order to use the symbols and patterns of your waking life to gain insight to your inner self. Because a Sleeping Dream is also a projection from the unconscious, getting symbolic meaning from both the sleeping and the waking dream can enhance your understanding of what is going on in the inside as well as on the outside. In short, the essence of who/what you are is projecting a message about the patterns of your life. Because you are the one who adds meaning to whatever you see, think and feel, some of this sleeping dream symbolism can be used to interpret the Waking Dream. The way I see it is that it's all projection! Patterns from your Sleeping and Waking Dream can be discovered through a careful reading of events and symbols of both.


Interpreting the Messages


According to Diane Kennedy Pike from her book, Life as a Waking Dream,

"Life as a Waking Dream is a method that introduces you to a new way of learning from and through your life experiences. You will focus on events that stand out from the rest of your day or week because of their intensity. Allowing your feelings to be your guide, you will learn to understand and interpret messages from your unconscious. You will bring into the light of consciousness your Sense of Self and the themes of your Waking Dreams. Using that material and more, you will quickly discern positive steps you can take to enhance your growth by waking up and consciously directing the course of your life."


The Authentic, or Real, Self*

As part of the Waking Dream process one would ask the question: "Am I awake to the information being communicated to me through every part of my self?"

The purpose of asking the question is to connect with your "Authentic, or Real, Self". Just as the Sleeping Dream presents symbols of meaning, so too does the Waking Dream.


What is the meaning of things and events that appear in my life?


Metaphysically speaking, that form we identify as our 'Authentic Self' or 'Real Self' is quite probably our soul. It is said that the soul uses its human psyche to experience the drama of life.

Some personalities awaken at some point in their life and recognize the soul/personality connection and their view of reality expands. They can see through the eyes of their soul, so to speak, and are able to understand their life from a symbolic point of view. Their identity includes the soul and at times is at one with the soul.

The personalities who are not aware of this connection live in a "consensus reality" and have a more limited vision of life. This is where most people live out their lives.

Just as with the Sleeping Dreams, our Waking Dreams alert us to patterns of behavior so that we can end the cycle of unconsciousness and alter the way we perceive life experiences. They tell us how to regain a healthy balance.

To conquer the cycling of these old patterns, we must turn inward and ask, "What is the message in this waking dream?" "What aspects of my personality are symbolized by these people, objects, animals or actions?

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*"The word Self comes from a psychological discipline called Analytical Psychology. I use it as defined by Carl Jung one of the founders of the Depth Psychology movement. It is basically that part of the psyche that organizes all the other parts–it’s the totality of the psyche to which other descriptive concepts such as the ego (the label we give to our identity, our personality characteristics, and preferences), the unconscious, or persona (that part of the ego that we present to the world) are subordinate. Some have even likened it to the “God image” within us." (from: http://www.thedreamdragon.blogspot.com/2012/11/self-spirit-and-soul.html