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Welcome to the Home page of the Dreamer's Guide to Inner Discovery Through Dream Interpretation!
When the door to the Soul
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This is probably the most exciting in-depth site reflecting the magical world of your dreams that you have ever fallen into.
Have you ever had a dream about falling? How about finding yourself naked in public, or running for your life? How about finding out the day of the final that you signed up for a course that you never took, or a test you hadn't studied for? How about finding yourself on a stage but can't remember your lines? These and more are all insecurity or anxiety dreams. Why do you have them? When do you have them? What's going on in your unconscious, or in your waking life that would stimulate you to have such dreams?
Come, run with me down the rabbit hole and through the deep tunnels of your mind and jump into worlds you didn't know existed. This site is full of images, ideas, and surprises that are sure to keep you entranced for many fascinating hours.


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"Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?"

                     -Edgar Allen Poe(see YouTube video below, or use it as background while you read.)


This site has been designed to act as a companion piece to the book The Dragon's Treasure, as well as the dream novel, The Archipelago of Dreams, though I believe that it can be a useful "stand alone" tool in your own dream research as well. As an adjunct to the books it will expand upon some of the material introduced and will hopefully enrich the learning process. I have also created a blog (see links to the left in the menu and below) that will augment the interpretive process.

Note: The website is also arranged much like the unconscious mind where you have to dig ever more deeply to find the hidden treasures of meaning.

(see the idea of the 'portal jump to hidden meaning' as defined by the parchment scrolls sprinkled throughout the site. Not all pages are accessible through the limited consciousness of the menu.)

I've tried to pose several concepts in the form of questions, that hopefully will allow you to percolate your own meaning and awareness. Have fun in your adventure.

If interested, you may wish to have a dream interpreted. If so, jump to the contact page—I'll be glad to add some of my ideas.

As with the sleeping and waking dream gestalt, where the patterns or parts of the whole experience are greater than the sum of those parts, I believe the sum of the approaches I've used will enhance your experience beyond the ordinary and give you a much richer understanding of your inner world. I hope that you enjoy it!

Please Note
When you're done with this site, you might consider going even deeper into the meaning and interpretation of dreams and in how they apply to the Waking Dream by going onto
Take some time to read the past blog entries that will catch you up and enlighten some of what you have already read on this website


Do you want to learn how to interpret your dreams? Interpreting Dreams is more than just having a good dream dictionary.Though there is an excellent dream symbol dictionary in this book and on this website.

Effective interpreting must be done in the context of the rest of your life. If you're serious, then you need to look at the whole of your life in order to make use of your dreams.

Do more than just dabble with your dreams: make them work for you! The Dragon'sTreasure will take you through the art of journaling, interpreting and applying both your sleeping and waking dreams.

Understanding your dreams can help you to:

• Better understand your relationships with others.

• Connect the dots in your life.

• Help make better decisions, at work, at home, socially.

• Weigh consequences to different actions.

• Provide answers to vexing questions.

• Help you to see what's really bugging you.

• Problem solve, especially when your stymied in your waking life.

• Better understand what's going on around you.

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"Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be—Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar and you'll live as you've never lived before."

Erich Fromm(German Social Psychologist—1900-1980)


The truth is this, you have enormous power hidden within—you have divinity within you!*



Everyone loves talking about their dreams, and we all want magic in our lives, but only a very few will do the hard work necessary to analyze a dream's meaning and then to learn its application to their every day life. We all have the ability to transform our lives, but we don't all have the drive. But like anything worth doing or becoming transformation doesn't just happen to you, it requires a certain amount of work and practice. Have you got what it takes?


Want to know more? Read on:

While living within a body we are constrained by the limits of that body. This seems like a common sense statement, after all, the brain is limited in its ability to understand and work with abstractions such as numbers, time and space. To function beyond its physical limits the brain has to use certain tools such as formulae or more mechanical devices such as sensors.

But what if these limits were removed? What if the apparent separation between our selves and things other than our selves were to disappear? What would happen if we were to disolve the seeming separation between our self and our soul? What, then would happen to such constructs as body, time and death? And what would happen if we could remove the social constructions that define what we perceive—what we think and what we see, essentially what we believe to be real? For a bit of magic: Click on the Parchment Scroll to portal-jump. These portals are spread throughout the website. They are designed to tie together all the disparate ideas of this web (a web that is symbolic of the interconnectedness of all things). Note that not all scrolls work and some will take you to other menu pages while others will take you to Hidden Meaning pages. Navigate with caution or you could get lost.

What if you and I could transcend the body and all its projections—beyond the physical constructs of our minds, is there an essential self?

Finally, what if your self-identity were to become less a product of how you're perceived by others and more self-directed?


The Dragon'sTreasure looks at these questions and offers possible answers through the medium of the dream—what we perceive when we're asleep and what we perceive when we are awake.


TheDragon'sTreasure is designed to aid in the learning about one's self through the thoughtful analysis of their dreams. The author looks at the symbolic meaning of dreams within the context of every day life and suggests that life itself can be looked at as though it were a dream—the waking dream that can be analyzed much as the sleeping dream for clues to personal behavior, problem solving, and self-development.

Through your dreams you can learn to take personal responsibility for your experience of life and to stop blaming external circumstances for that experience.

Are you tired of giving away your power to these circumstances as though some unconscious, or hidden author were writing the story of your life? TheDragon'sTreasure can help you discover the means for taking ownership and becoming a conscious co-creator of your story. Really!

You are much more than you think you are!


*When I speak of a power within, I am not talking about the concept that you and I, the ego-selves that we think we are, have the power to create reality. I am not an adherent to the New Age "You Create Your Own Reality" philosophy. Yes, we do create our experience of reality through our beliefs, expectations, and conditioning, and that by altering your beliefs and expectations you can literally alter your perceptions, but not the actual objective reality—at least not at the ego-self level.

Having said that, there may very well be an unconscious self that we have access to under certain conditions. It is not of the personality, or of the ego, but may indeed create objective reality. (see Goswami, A. The Self-Aware Universe, Penguin Putnam Inc., 1993)


TheDragon'sTreasure is an attempt to shed some light in that darkened corner of the room where human beings huddle, terri?ed of the dark and not knowing that they alone have the light within to banish what goes bump in the night or to shine through the fog of their own making. By the end of the book, the reader not only discovers that the light shines from the center of the creation, but how they might access and manifest the light more fully.

I realize that for many people dreams are an enigma, a mystery, and for some they're not too sure of their value. At one time in mankind's history dreams were shared publicly and were part of the communal dialogue. They fell out (or were forced out as in the western culture) of favor and importance and we as a collective forgot how to read them.

However, a vague sense that dreams may be important seems to sit with us at the borders of our consciousness, but life is so demanding of our here-and-now attention that we place our investigation of this realm on hold. There's nothing wrong with this and I certainly operated this way for a long time.

Over many crises and circumstances I began to look more closely at this phenomenon of what 'til then I thought of as an unimportant artifact i.e. if God had meant these sleeping visions to be useful, then why didn't He/She give them more weight and make them more understandable? But as with many things in my life I often find that the quiet, and the unassuming bring great and subtle power to my life. For me, God speaks in whispers that I can hear if I become quiet and focus.

This is not a guide in the traditional sense, because to guide means that you and I be on the same path and no two people are walking the same road. This site and the accompanying book are my perspective of the path I'm on and I share it in hopes that it can provide some insight to your path and maybe even provide some navigational tools for your own journey.

This is not an easy journey and it's rife with pitfalls, but I think that it's a journey worthy of your attention. In my practice I have seen time and time again people open up to a new and better way of understanding their lives through the thoughtful understanding of their dreams and their application.


Bottom line: The ideas in these books have helped thousands


they will help you to transform the experience of your life!


Books By R.J. Cole

"I would recommend it to a reader who is interested                                                                                                                                      
  in thought provoking fantasy and into spiritual lore. "                                                                        


                                     Detroit Entertainment Examiner


Both The Dragon's Treasure: A Dreamer's Guide to Inner Discovery Through Dream Interpretation


The Archipelago of Dreams: The Island of the Dream Healer

Comes in e-book format, hardcover and soft cover

Click on the "RJ Cole books purchase" page, or this link.


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Note: If you've visited this website before, please note that it is an evolving story because as with all stories it is not static, it grows with every day. As I grow, I add things. As I become more conscious, I will add comments and material that reflect that consciousness.

So as to amplify the concepts illuminated on this website, the Guide book, and The Archipelago of Dreams fantasy novel I've created a Blog to share the process and the discoveries of interpreting Dreams—


Get some insight into your own dreams by having them interpreteted and by watching the interpretive process first hand. For some examples of dream interpretations go to the The book of Dreams.



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